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Fiction Frolic

Help Raise 1,000 books for charity and enter to win $200, signed books and swag!

We are excited to share about an ambitious blog tour—Fiction Frolic for All Hallow’s Read—where ten authors from several genres are working hard to raise 1,000 books in three weeks for Books for America.

From October 1st to 19th, donate a new book (or books!) and earn extra bonus points in a huge giveaway that these authors are hosting.

Two winners will each receive the following PRIZES! (Link at the end of this post).

$100 Amazon G.C.

5 signed books from the authors hosting the event

A swag bag

Plus—in honor of All Hallow’s Read, gift a signed copy of one of our books to a friend! Continue reading Fiction Frolic

Guest Post and Giveaway: The Crooked Swan

The Crooked Swan Guest Post Giveaway!


The first twenty readers who request a Kindle ebook today will receive a free copy of The Crooked Swan by Julie Helm. Please leave the email and specify the device where you would like your gift sent in the comments. Thank you.

About the book:  What was Kayla thinking when she gave Narissa the solo in the Christmas recital? Caught in a world she thought she’d never be a part of, Kayla learns that what was given in a moment of frustration and pity cannot be taken back so easily… especially with Narissa. As Kayla recognizes within herself a great need to help Narissa dance, she discovers patience and forgiveness, and the beauty found within the soul of a little girl who is more angel than child… she discovers the healing power of love…and the joy found in truly caring for others.

Julie Helm speaks out about what inspired The Crooked Swan:

When I was a young girl I loved to dance. I’d lie in my bed at nights and imagine that I was the lead dancer in a world famous ballet company. My dreaming took me everywhere: On pointe shoes I danced into the waiting arms of a dreamy dance partner. He would lift me so high the stage lights forced me to close my eyes. It all felt so real. Leaping and whirling, moving gracefully on my toes, I danced until sleep claimed me and I could no longer think.

So I begged my mother for dance lessons. And though I danced my heart out in my classes, becoming a world-class dancer would never be part of my future. As I stretched and tried bending my young body into the limitless contortions my dance teacher tried teaching me, I realized that all I needed was to enjoy myself. Some bodies aren’t designed to be as limber as others.

Dancing became a lot of fun. I met other dancers, from time to time, who were more coordinated and obviously more talented than me. Sometimes it was hard to watch them because I wanted to dance perfectly, too. But I kept dancing…because I knew that if my abilities were ever judged by what was in my heart…I would be the prima ballerina, the most graceful beautiful dancer of them all.

Years passed, and dancing was put aside to raise my family. One night while I was lying in my bed trying to find sleep…I thought again of a young imperfect girl who wanted to dance as gracefully as other dancers…and The Crooked Swan was born. Though the main character’s story is not my own, there are many situations in the book that related to me as a young dancer.

A beautiful dance, one that is orchestrated to perfection, is never just about what the body is capable of doing, even with God given abilities and talent. It’s the combination of both heart and ability that make the truly great dancers.

I invite you to read The Crooked Swan. You will not be the same afterwards. The story takes you on an unforgettable journey into the world of dance, so that we may all appreciate and love The Crooked Swans in our lives.


About the Author: Julie G. Helm grew up in Idaho, lived several years abroad, and has spent the last twenty-three years living in Utah. She has been writing stories for children, young adults, and adults as long as she can remember. At present she has three books on the market, The Crooked Swan, The Lost Monster Tales, and Merlin for Sherman. She has belonged to one of the top fantasy and science fiction writer’s groups in the area, acted as the liaison for the BYU Writer’s Conferences, and worked as an acquisitions editor for Gibbs Smith Publishers. She won first place in an area writer’s conference judged by the late Roger Zelazney. Along with raising her six children with a devoted husband, Greg, she continues to write stories to delight and thrill all those who read her books.

For more about my wonderful adventures go to http://betweenthejackets.blogspot.com/

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Guest Post: Adrienne deWolfe

Today I have with me Adrienne deWolfe, author of “How to Write Wildly Popular Romances” to talk a bit about intuition. There’s some good tips in here, so follow through til the end. She also has a raffle going on in May, so don’t forget to check that out also!

 Writing Novels That Sell

Real Magic:  Intuition Helps Author Write Books

By Adrienne deWolfe

Writing fiction has always felt like magic to me — especially when I’m in the creative flow, and ideas are pouring through my brain faster than I can type. I’ve heard other writers describe this flood of imagination  as the whispering of their “Writing Muse.”

But what exactly is a Writing Muse? Continue reading Guest Post: Adrienne deWolfe

BestSeller for a Day 4/12

This April, it’s your turn to grab Anew for the incredibly low price of 99 cents and see for yourself why it makes readers sigh with appreciation.

Just purchase Anew at the promotional price, or send it to a friend who you know would love finding a fun, fast-paced read at an awesome price, and grab the 3 Bonus Buys that are the perfect companion reads to this supernatural suspense.

I’ve had the pleasure of reading this book, and WOW, this is a great deal for anyone who loves YA paranormal! Be sure to check out my review, then head on over to grab Anew at this great price! It will leave you begging for Awry!

Continue reading BestSeller for a Day 4/12

Contest Feb 12th-15th

Starting today, Win With eBooks is holding a contest for a Kindle Fire and Amazon gift cards. During the event, there are almost 20 ebooks available for a discounted price. There are some GREAT ebooks here for just $.99, PLUS you get a chance to win other prizes! If you’re still not convinced, check out my review of Rook for a sample of the quality works you can get!

Win a Kindle Fire and Amazon Gift Card

How? Easy peasy. Head on over to winwithebooks.com or the Facebook fanpage and follow the directions on the Rafflecopter. Check back daily for 50 extra chances to win.no purchase necessary

Congratulations to Chris from Ohio who won the Kindle Fire in December!