Review: Anew

Anew by Chelsea Fine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Life isn’t about the past and the future. It’s about today.”

Two years ago, Scarlet woke up in the forest alone, with no memories of her past. Now, she’s almost given up on remembering until a familiar voice pulls at her heart. Her determination to remember renewed, she revels in Gabriel’s familiarity, but there’s a secret he’s hiding that confuses Scarlet even more – one of the biggest being Tristan, his twin brother.

Throughout the book, Scarlet tries to regain her memories while also leading a “normal” teenage life. The reader is taken along for the ride as Scarlet gradually has memories return to her after meeting the Archer boys, but there is still a lot left unknown and in question. Secrets abound as the boys try to protect Scarlet from her inevitable fate while they all look for a cure.

A different take on paranormal, Anew sets sets the series up with intriguing characters and a very real life-or-death situation for Scarlet. Can the brothers find a way to save her, or are they doomed to relive her life and death over and over again? Anew’s ending leaves the reader crying for more.

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