Masquerade (Heven and Hell #1) Read-Along Week 4

Welcome to my read-along answers for Masquerade by Cambria Hebert! This week’s questions were provided by Veronica at Mostly Reviews. Can you believe this is the end?! It’s been a fun month answering questions, but all good things must end…

Week 4/ Chapters 24-31 Discussion Questions

1. Heven develops a new “supernatural power.” She remarks that it isn’t that exciting of a power. Is this a power you would like to have, if not what kind of supernatural power would you like to have?

Here I come to save the day! Mighty…oh wait, where was I?

Not sure if I want Heven’s power. My supernatural power? There are so many good ones to choose from… I think Animal Mimicry would be fun to have – to have the strength of a lion and cunning of a jackal. I also think Telekinesis would be great fun! Never having to get up to refill my drink = win!

2. Which character do you think makes the biggest internal change throughout the course of this book?  Is there a situation in your life that you can reflect back on as an experience that changed your life for the better?

Both Heven and Sam make great strides as far as character change goes. Heven changes from the self-loathing girl into a confidant young lady. Sam goes from thinking himself unworthy of anything “good,” because he thinks he’s evil, to realizing that even he has a right to happiness. 

In my life, it has been the sum of the smaller parts that have changed my life. People entering and leaving, having to deal with both pain and happiness, all contribute to who I am today.

3. Who is your favorite character and why?

This is a tough one! Hm… I know Sam’s going to be a popular answer, but I’m going to go with Heven’s Grandmother. She’s such a strong, subtle character – unassuming and firm in her beliefs – that I can’t help but feel better because she’s in Heven’s life. She shows Heven how to be strong, isn’t afraid to tell her when she’s being ridiculous, and knows the benefits of having a nice, strong boy around. Go Granny!

4. When the book ends the reader has an idea of what the next book will involve. Do you think the book ended in the appropriate place?

I think the ending was just enough of a teaser to keep the reader hooked. Of course, the problem with this was that it did end…

5. Do you have any predictions for the next book in the series, Charade?

I think there’s going to be lots of action in this one. Not saying there will be car chases or anything, but since Heven and Sam are heading overseas, anything is possible!

I hope you had as much fun with this as I did! Can’t wait to read Charade! Thankfully, we won’t have to wait too long!


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6 thoughts on “Masquerade (Heven and Hell #1) Read-Along Week 4

  1. Power to Granny!!! LOL. Yes, i can totally see why you would choose Gran, she is a great character!
    I think I might like not having to get up to refill my drink too – sign me up for some of that! lol.
    I agree that the things that changed me most are the sum of smaller things… not really any big incidents. people change gradulally I think…. great answers this week!

  2. Whoop! I picked Granny, too! She is awesome. Agree with your superpower picks, not having to get up especially when you are all tucked in bed at night. Loved your response to number two, so many things shape our lives and we don’t see it often until we look back. No clue as to what to expect in Charade, knowing Cambria, expect the unexpected, right?

    1. Exactly! I’m sure Cambria’s going to throw something at us that no one (save her) saw coming! I can’t wait to start reading it!

      I’m glad I’m not the only Granny lover, too!

  3. I did go with Sam as a favorite character, but I do adore gran. I am glad that Kimber was included too. She certainly brought some drama. I thought the end was a nice teaser too. I am anxious to go on and see what Logan will bring to the table.
    I hope to see you at the live even tomorrow.

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