Masquerade (Heven and Hell #1) Read-Along Week 1

Welcome to my read-along answers for Masquerade by Cambria Hebert! This week’s questions were provided by Five Alarm Book Review and next week’s questions will be at Candace at Candace’s Book Blog.

Hope you enjoy! And if you haven’t read this book yet, what are you waiting for!?

Week 1/ Chapters 1-8 Discussion Questions

1. If you were disfigured like Heven (by some sort of accident) do you think you would have reacted the same way as her? (loss of self-confidence, hiding yourself, etc)

While I’d like to think I wouldn’t hide, I’m sure I would have. I would have sought out the shadows to hide my face, the same as Heven, and nursed my bruised self-esteem. Like Heven, hoodies would have been my new favorite piece of clothing, if my face was disfigured. I could only hope my friends would drag me out of my funk, like Heven’s did for her.

2. Do you think that Kimber’s plan for revenge against Cole (for kissing another girl) is a good idea?

Revenge is never the best course of action, especially since we usually make such plans when we’re angry or upset. While it turned out that Kimber’s plan failed, since Sam only has eyes for Heven, she did succeed in getting Cole back.

3. In the beginning chapters, Heven is very drawn to Sam but won’t admit it due to her own insecurities. Kimber begins to “date” Sam… do you think that Heven should have spoken up? Do think Kimber should have seen Heven’s real feelings?

I think both of them should have seen what was happening. Kimber should have noticed that Heven was preoccupied with Sam just as Heven should have told Kimber what she was feeling. Heven’s self-esteem issues kept her from admitting her feelings, much like Kimber’s jealously that led to the revenge plan that in turn made her blind to Heven’s feelings for Sam.

4. Masquerade is broken in four separate POV’s: Heven, Sam, The Hate and The Hope. Do you think having multiple POV’s adds depth to the story? Why or why not?

The different point of views work together to expand the story, to give the reader “extra” information that helps round out the tale. If we only Heven’s PoV, with her hiding in the shadows for a lot of the book, we wouldn’t have known what was going on that she didn’t see. By having Sam, The Hate and The Hope helping Heven tell her story, the reader isn’t stuck looking for answers to questions that Heven hasn’t even considered asking.

5. A great source of strength for Heven is her grandmother. Who do you think yours is/would be?

I’m fortunate to have some really strong people in my life. If I had to pick one, I would have to say my husband. Even when he has no idea what I’m thinking, when he knows I want something he helps me pursue my dream and gives the support I need. He is my sounding board and devil’s advocate. While we don’t always agree on the “best” course of action, once the plan is in place I can count on him to be there to lend me a hand when I fall down.

Come join me next Thursday for the next round of questions!

11 thoughts on “Masquerade (Heven and Hell #1) Read-Along Week 1

  1. Love your answers!! Thanks for being part of the read along!! I agree that with only Heven’s pov the reader wouldnt have experienced as much of the story!

  2. Hi Tricia, so glad you joined the read along. Some great answers. I agree with your answer to question one, I think the normal reaction would be to hide. Mutiple view points definitely add depth to the story but it takes skill to pull it off, but Cambria does it well.

  3. There is no doubt that I would have hidden myself if I was badly scarred while in high school, but after recently reading Wonder by R.C.Palacio, it seems incredibly shallow.
    I love your answers, especially for number five. My husband is an incredible man as well and it is nice to see that there are others out there.
    Thanks for your participation.

    1. I agree that it’s a shallow thing, but I think most people would have that reaction, at least at first. I could only hope I would see how silly that course of action is and learn to be stronger.

      It’s great to hear there are other supportive husbands out there! We are truly lucky.

  4. Great answers! Especially number 4 – I definitely think we need the extra POV’s in this story, I think it adds a certain mystery to the story!

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