Guest Post: “Uncle Bill”

There it is Kiddies, the Kristufek House! Yeah, yeah, I know what the doctor said but surely, it’ll be fine if we just stop by and take a peek. You know, for old time’s sake. Oh my, Kiddies, it just like we left it, except for the house coat and slippers that is. The police are still holding those for evidence. And look, the window is still unlocked. Restraining order? I’m sure Ms. Kristufek didn’t mean it when she filed that against us. Come now, Kiddies, this was just meant to be.

Just let me get comfortable now and… Oh my, I see someone has been doing a little writing. Hmmm, The Finder. He he he, let’s hope no one finds us here or your Dear Old Uncle Bill will be fitted for one of those special jackets again.

Okay now, let’s get down to business. I have a little treat for all you Kiddies tonight, a little tale of death and despair. What other kind is there? It’s a little something from your Dear Old Uncle Bill’s Remnants of the Past series. Now sit back, Kiddies, while I read.

(Cough) I can see it like it was yesterday; the boy, lying in the dirt with a toy gun in his hand. Don, standing behind me, begging me to help the child. Oh Gods, what have we done? (Cough) “I’m Sorry.”

“It’s okay, Mr. Jacobs. You are doing fine. The Camera is all set up. We can start any time you are ready”

“My name is Vince Jacobs. I am the director of the Shield of Health, an administration of well-being within the Solar Empire. This is a warning to all visitors who come within orbital range of the Home World. As of 5/13 in the year of 91205, on the calendar of the Solar Empire, Avexia has been placed under quarantine. Only those with proper authorization and or credentials (Cough) will be allowed to come to the planet’s surface. The Quarantine will be in place for the next 200 years and will not be lifted until the year of 91405 on the calendar of the Solar Empire.”

I can’t help but look away from the camera. Some of those around me are showing signs of the illness. The disease took Wendy quickly I was informed on my way here that she had just passed away. Others are only now beginning to show signs. I haven’t slept since Jonas released the virus. I see Arthur growing impatient with me.

“Three days ago terrorists attacked the Rightenburg Research Facility and took possession of a sample of RJ-5-7-12. The sample which was only to be used in research was then released into the planet’s atmosphere. Since then, all life on Avexia has been dying.”

What the hell am I reading here? “This isn’t what happened!”

“Mr. Jacobs, Please stick to the script.”

Our government must be trying to hide the truth. Perhaps Jonas was right about Abrams being the test ground for the virus.

“For historical records, I have included video, photos, and newscasts of what has transpired since the attack on the Rightenburg facility. To the people of the Solar Empire, I must announce with great difficulty that your Home World is dying.

“There is no known cure for the disease. If you are within orbital range of Avexia, it is advised that you leave now.

“Military forces around the world have taken control of all space agencies. No one will be allowed to leave this planet. All air travel and movement by citizens around the globe has been restricted. May the Gods have mercy on us all.”

This message is being broadcast in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth by the Shield of Health and the Solar Empire.

Please child, give your Dear Old Uncle Bill that handkerchief so I can wipe this tear from my eye. Wasn’t that just touching? Well Kiddies, I think I’ll just trade my little story for the one Ms. Kristufek has started, The Finder, how intriguing. Did you hear that? I think someone is home. Hurry Kiddies, out the window, before your Dear Old Uncle Bill finds himself back at the sanitarium.

Hm, what was that? What’s this? …BILL!!!


Back in high school a friend of mine had loaned me The Tripods trilogy by John Christopher. The world John Christopher had created was fantastic. I couldn’t get enough. While other kids were in class I was either out in the park or in the basement of the school reading. I went on to read greats like Earth Abides by George R. Stewart and found myself hooked on books in the post-apocalyptic and scifi genres

As I continued to read through the years I would find myself closing the book at the end of a chapter and giving a lot of thought about how I would proceed. Sometimes the author of the book and I were dead on but most times I found that I was just borrowing the writers characters and taking them on my own adventures. With the encouragement of others in my life, I began to write.

So now, I drag myself out of bed early, sometimes hours before I have to go to work just to get a couple of pages of something written. Well, it is not always a couple of pages. Sometimes it may only be a couple of paragraphs. Sometimes, the only thing I accomplish is to decide that I didn’t like what I wrote the morning before. But I do it because I have the need to see the end of the story and know that it was something I created.

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