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In Memory Of

**As some of you may know, I lost my grandmother, Martina, this week. I was asked to write something to read at the funeral and thought I’d share a little about the great woman she was.

My grandmother, Martina—my Nonnie—had a pretty good life. She told us so on one of our last visits to see her while she was in the hospital. While in her final days, she was but a shell of the vibrant person she used to be—old, run-down, unable to do a lot of things by and for herself. I ask you not to remember her this way, as she wouldn’t have wanted that. I ask you to remember her through the eyes of a child. Continue reading In Memory Of

Guest Post: Near-Death Experiences

Today I’m going to welcome Grrouchie to my blog. While he normally talks about poker, da Grrouch has honored me with a guest post. I’m pretty sure this came up because of recent events (no, I’m not dead!), but I remember hearing this story and thinking…

WTH were you THINKING!

And here’s Grrouchie!

My mind has been a blank slate for going on a month now as one of my oldest friends (and I mean that in the sense of length of time we’ve known each other and not in the WOW look at those wrinkles granny sense) informed me that she wouldn’t mind if I did a guest post on her blog.

I tried multiple times on multiple topics but nothing ever hit me, I’d get one or two paragraphs in and decide I hated the whole thing and scrap it.  I think the problem stems from the fact that Tricia and I have known each other for pretty much our entire adult lives at this point and as such I didn’t want to just churn out a piece of crap and submit it over to her.  Also, with her proficiency for writing and spotting issues I would prefer if I at least had a bit of substance so I didn’t get picked apart like a turkey on her Thanksgiving table!

So, with that aside how about I shut up and jump into it? Continue reading Guest Post: Near-Death Experiences