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A musician and a priest walk into a grocery store—singer Faith Leary thinks this is a better opening for an off-color joke than a recipe for romance, until she finds herself ogling Father Michael in the checkout line the day before Thanksgiving.

When Father Michael first steps in to bail Faith out of her financial jam, Faith thinks she’s being picked up at the grocery store. Right up until she catches sight of the black shirt and tab collar. Since not much in her life is going her way lately, it doesn’t come as much of a shock when Michael turns up at her mother’s Thanksgiving dinner. What does come as a surprise is the attraction that springs up between them. If only he weren’t a priest, he would be perfect for her.

Faith’s sister finds Father Michael attractive, too, and she’s making no bones about it. Scenes from the Thorn Birds flitting through her head, it comes as a relief to Faith to find out Michael is not exactly what he seems. It’s good news until she realizes her sister is a far better match for him than her screw-up self could ever be. But if that’s true, why does Michael insist on seeing only the good in Faith, no matter how often she falls short of her too perfect sister?


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Guest Post:

I’m very grateful to be here at the Musings of a Writing Reader blog to chat about my new release, Joyfully Yours. I’m sure Faith, the heroine of Joyfully Yours, would be grateful, too.

Since Faith had a little time to spare as she waited in line at the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving, I thought I’d ask her what she’s thankful for this holiday season. Here’s what she’s came up with:

  1. Her family. They’re a little odd and sometimes judgmental, but underneath it all there’s lots of love.
  2. Her music. Sure, she might be at loose ends with her music career, but she’s grateful for the chance to perform and share her talents. Though the seedy bars all over the tri-state area are getting a little old.
  3. Her odd jobs. Running errands and walking dogs for half the senior citizens in Brooklyn isn’t the most glamorous way to make a living, but Faith is thankful her odd jobs give her plenty of time to devote to her music.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know Faith a little bit!

Deleted Scene:

When I first started writing Joyfully Yours, I didn’t realize just how loudly my heroine, Faith, would insist she get to tell this story. So while we don’t get to hear things from Michael’s point of view in the book, I did write a few scenes where he tells his side. Here we get a peek into what he was thinking when he tried to convince Faith to sing for him:

Michael took Faith’s hand and led her towards the stage at the front of the auditorium. A tug on his hand made him look over his shoulder. He fought a grin at the sight that met his eyes.

Faith looked like a naughty child being led to her punishment. She didn’t tug her hand from his grip, but she’d extended her hand to keep as much distance between them as possible. Her head tilted to the side and she looked up at him from under the fringe of her bangs. “Where are we going?”

He took the few steps to close the distance between them, not letting go of her hand. Her eyes widened and he saw something lurking in their dark depths. Fear?

The desire to grin left him and he fought the urge to gather her in his arms. Too soon for that. Way too soon.

“There’re some instruments behind the stage. I thought we could grab a guitar so you could try out a song.” He couldn’t help trying to tease her fear away. “See if you feel comfortable playing our church music.”

His words had the desired effect. Her eyes narrowed at him. He almost laughed, but then her gaze began to wander over the room. A host of expressions played across her face and all he could do was wait for her attention to turn back to him.

Her gaze finally met his again and his breath left him in one big rush. Her eyes were no longer narrowed, but instead big and soft and looking up at him as if he’d just handed her the world.

She gestured to the stage. “Lead the way.”

He turned and again pulled her towards the front of the room, happy for the excuse to turn his back to her. He had no idea what was going through her mind as she looked around the busy church auditorium. But he’d give his left arm to find out if it meant he’d she’d look at him like that again.

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Author Bio:

Amy Lamont writes contemporary and New Adult romance about quirky heroines and hunky heroes. Over the years she’s had some jobs she loved (working as a program coordinator for a non-profit animal rescue), some jobs she liked (freelance writing), and some jobs she hated (her experience as a waitress has turned her into the excellent tipper she is today). But nothing gives her greater joy than writing romances that pack an emotional punch and come with a guaranteed happily ever after.

Amy lives in New England with her husband, twin daughters, and two rescue mutts. She loves chatting with readers. To get in touch, visit her at

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