Review: Blood Driven

Blood Driven
Blood Driven by Katie Reid
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

She’s going to expose us all…

Angel Black may look like a typical teenager on the outside, with money, boys, and school taking up her time, but she’s really the Princess of Vampires. Deciding to go to public school, Angel meets Chris and his friends, and falls into more trouble than she bargained for.

For being a vampire, Angel acts more like the normal teenage that she’s pretending to be, with a few exceptions, like her super hearing. She also dictates with sometimes painful detail the on goings of her everyday at school and her nights masquerading as the Princess, complete with play-by-play wardrobe choosing.

As such, the actual plot of the story is hard to uncover and the ending doesn’t seem like an ending at all, because, other than a few lead-up points, the actual plot didn’t get resolved–it didn’t really begin. The characters were mostly predictable, as was which side of the line they fell on was. The romance, as such, was stilted and, in an effort to avoid the now-cliche love triangle, introduced a love square.

Perhaps when matched with the concluding book, Blood Driven’s plot can conclude in a spectacular fashion, or at least, fashionably.

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