Review: Nette

Nette by Barbara Rayne
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In the years that went by, our spending time together was the purpose of my life, the only reason to get out after waking up.

A brown-eyed girl born in a society where eye color determined gender, Nette was as used to being called a freak as she could be. Destined to be Queen, Nette watches as those she loves are taken from her until she is ready to follow her path.

How Nette reacts, and overcomes, her troubles is a testament to her character. This poor, discriminated-against girl who just wants to be loved is made into a strong, determined young women who sets off on the path laid in front of her. While using her “flaw” to her advantage, Nette learns to fight with the other soldiers, something that otherwise wouldn’t have happened in her time.

The unique world that Nette lives in can get bogged down by grammatical errors at points, but if the reader, as Nette, carries on, the story unfolds with lots of adventure, a touch of romance, and a strong lead character. Nette has a strong message of anti-hate with the realization that sometimes there has to be war before there can be peace.

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