Review: Secrets

Secrets by Tim Mettey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“What has he done?” “He has given us hope.”

Nicholas has been living a life full of secrets that he isn’t aware of, even though they revolve around him. Having fled his hometown with his aunt after a disaster kills thousands, Nicholas has drifted unnoticed through four other schools in four towns. Now, starting his sophomore year, he’s determined to make this year memorable, to be a part of it, even if it means his death.

While the transition from chapter one to chapter two is very confusing, as readers continue through, they find the story of a (mostly) typical teenager going to high school. The simple writing depicts Nicholas and Elle clearly, yet leaves older readers wanting more and noticing the inconsistencies that characters like Cora seem to be full of. There is a lot of build up, of potential, from the start that seems to get lost in the football games and school lunches.

Overall, Secrets was an entertaining read, fast-paced and full of mystery that keeps readers turning the page. Hopefully more will be explained/expounded upon in the second book, making Nicholas’ ‘secret’ come to life.

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