Free Days: The Necro Device

The Necro Device will be free Sep 27, 28, 29, 30 the final promotion just before October. There will be a blog tour coming up for this during October, so grab your free copy now and return for my blog stop on Oct. 22nd.

Classic Edition:

The classic edition of The Necro Device features previous content that was removed while under the publisher. In addition the original artwork was restored and modified with a darker twist to better represent the novel itself. Front and back matter has been re-added to the novel. It now contains the Acknowledgements, Preface, and Afterword from the author. The ebook and paperback both received desperately needed reformatting. This version of The Necro Device is the most pure to its original form and is now published through the author.


A page-turner of darkest depth. Betrayal, fear, and layers of hidden agendas all play parts in this intense, pulse-pounding thriller.


The Necro Device came to me in a dream one night. I barely knew what the story was at the time other than it was about 5 brothers who all die. I left it at that and went on with my life. Over the years I kept having nightmares about the brothers and the story. They became so frequent and vivid that I had no choice but to sit down and write it or continue to live a life of nightmares. It was my first novel length story and it basically possessed me while I was writing it. I wrote day in and day out six days a week for almost eight months non-stop. But that was only the beginning. Between work, school, life, money, and everything else there is, I never had much time to get it completed, so for eight more years I slowly sculpted, revised, rewrote, and edited it so many times I was ready to throw my computer through the window. I can honestly say, it was the biggest project I ever completed. I learned a lot, and in the end, it was well worth every minute. I’d never take that learning experience back.


John and Mary Hilt are hired to restore the Mandiev mansion isolated between four surrounding towns. The original owners, the Mandiev brothers, were world famous performers who died decades ago. Rumors that the mansion is haunted soon work their way to Mary, and nightmares begin to eat away at her sanity. She becomes obsessed with the Mandiev, wanting to know more. Determined to unlock their secrets, she digs deeper into their past and learns of a deadly device. An intricate web of betrayal slowly unravels, and she finds herself within its dark center.

It all begins with a betrayal, a machine, and a darker intent… It has a purpose.

Back Flap:

John and Mary Hilt are hired to restore the Mandiev mansion isolated between four surrounding towns. In the past, the Mandiev brothers had a fatal accident which killed hundreds of local citizens. The event marks the beginning of a device that will control its creator and affect the community for years to come. Mary will discover the madness that spawned from its awakening and unravel its deadly secrets. The Necro Device is a mind-melting, suspense thriller loaded with hidden agendas, twists, and a diabolical plot.

It all begins with a betrayal, a machine, and a darker intent… It has a purpose.


The Necro Device was first published under the title Mandiev in September, 2011. In December of that same year the name was changed to The Necro Device. In April of 2012, it was picked up by a publisher and the cover art was changed. In August of 2012, the rights were returned back to the author, and the novel got a full revision and edit. The cover was changed to the darker cover seen above, and it was republished as The Necro Device (Classic Edition) September of 2012, the novel was picked up by DarkGate Publishing, the authors own publishing company. The novel continues to sale very well, and we hope it continues to do so moving forward.  Pick up a copy today.

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