Pumpkin Pickin’

“Look over there!” Ella said.  Not waiting for the others, she took off towards the mounds of pumpkins piled high, already climbing towards the top as Sue joined her.  Laughing, the two girls crawled over and up, Dad snapping photos as they went.  Ella smiled, reached for the next pumpkin handhold, Sue close on her heels now.  As Sue stepped on the pumpkin next to Ella, the precarious pile shifted.

The laughter died away as Ella’s scream pierced the air. Ella took a breath and looked down.  Under several pumpkins, her ankle throbbed, twisted at an odd angle.  Time slowed.  She saw her Dad drop his camera and close the gap between them in three bounds.  She saw Sue’s face turn from laughing to crying.  She felt the other kids look over at her and back away, causing more of the pumpkins to shift.

She sensed something in her snap, a wave of light shiver through her body.  Her arms stretched out, her body seemed to float up, pulled from the pile and the pressure on her ankle.  The warm feeling spread, pushing down towards the pain in her ankle and causing her to scream again.

Then warm hands grabbed her and pulled her close.  Dad.  Tentatively, she moved her damaged ankle.  Surprised, she looked down.  Even though blood seeped out of her sock, her ankle moved without any pain.

She closed her eyes, blacking out.

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