Review: Rain Plays Barefoot

Rain Plays Barefoot Rain Plays Barefoot by Jennifer Steen My rating: 3 of 5 stars Rain isn’t interested in the things that all of her other girl friends are suddenly doing: wearing make-up, shaving their legs and talking about boys nonstop. Much more interested in playing basketball than playing girly-girl, Rain upsets the status quo by joining the drum line. Being surrounded by boys gives Rain insight into the ‘boy-girl thing’ and brings her own feelings to the forefront when she meets Noah. As she struggles with her changing feelings, Rain finds an easy friendship on the basketball court with James, who helps show her she’s fine just the way she is. A delightful tale of coming into your own, dealing with new emotions and staying true to yourself, Rain Plays Barefoot is a great short story choice for young readers, who can quickly and easily relate to the main character. View all my reviews

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