And, we’re back!

So, our trip to the PA Ren Faire was a great success!  Not only did my daughter look adorable, but she also behaved wonderfully and didn’t break anything at the house where we stayed!

Now, back to business.

I have some exciting news: I will be doing my first author interview!  Cambria Hebert has two stories coming out soon and has agreed to let me interview her for both of them!  The first is called Before which serves as a teaser for her debut novel Masquerade.  Keep an eye out for both of these stories, and my interviews, in the following weeks.

Next, mention that I finished my story for the CR anthology Christmas Lites.  I’m waiting to hear back from the editors to see if it needs worked on, but I’m still very excited to have semi-officially submitted my first work to be published.  I will have more information about the anthology and where you can get it soon.

While I’m talking about publishing, I saw that Amazon publishing has an imprint for fantasy books now.  47North debuts with 15 books to be published, and looks to be taking submissions.  To query or not to query.

That is the question.

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