Out of Order

Well, not really.  More like, Out of Town.

This weekend I will be traveling back to the time of Queen Elizabeth I, amid rambunctious pirates, merry maids and loud lords, at the PA Renaissance Faire.  So, since they haven’t invented the internet yet, though I hear they’re working on it, I will be unable to post anything until my return back to the current century.

As a side note: I don’t usually dress up for these things.  There is a group of us that go and have a wonderful weekend, but while most of them have dressed as wenches/lords in previous years, I have abstained.  Of course, when I tried to explain to my daughter that she was going to be a pirate for the Faire, her response was simple: Mommy, too.  So, I pirate I shall be.


So, in the mean time, I’m going to continue my quest to finish several more books, write some more reviews, write some of my story and just maybe throw in a blog idea or two to write when I return.

Until then, you are free to read the rest of my story ideas, reviews and general blogginess.

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