Guest Post: Mona Hanna

Welcome to #FeatureFriday! Today I have my friend Mona with me. I’ve been working with Mona for a few years now, and have really gotten to see her grow as a writer. I’m currently doing a reedit for the book she features below and have another of her WIPs to look at after. I can’t wait to see what’s next!


Hi, I’m Mona Hanna, and I write fantasy/romance books. I have three main series: High Witch, a spin off series High Witch Next Generation, and my Prentor series. I also have a stand alone book called Lucy’s Wish. Today I’m going to discuss the rewrite of the first book I released, Myriad (Prentor Book 1).

Myriad was a book I wrote an initial draft of when I was about 19, in 1996. It was terrible! I didn’t believe so at the time, but when I looked at it years later all I saw was a flawed mess. However the book stayed with me all those years, maybe because it was one of the few books I finished, and maybe because I liked the premise.

In 2012 I decided to try self publishing fiction. I had previously self published two non fiction books. I started Myriad again from scratch, promptly deleted the several chapters I wrote, then started once more. I completed the first draft, had it beta read by the lovely Tricia Kristufek, then made some changes and released it late 2012. I couldn’t afford an editor at the time, however have had subsequent books edited.

Although the book received some positive reviews, it was never a success, and the sequel didn’t really sell. Looking at Myriad in late 2015, I decided I still didn’t have it right. I like the sequel, Tanner, however Myriad needed changing.

So I went over it dozens of times, made many changes, and left it with Tricia for editing. It will most likely need a lot of work still, but I hope, when I release the revised edition later this year, that the book will be better.

I’ll leave you with the new blurb. I hope you like it!


Kalin leaves home when he turns eighteen, determined to get away from his abusive parents. Despite being a warlock, he’s denied his magic for years, his parents having told him magic is evil, due to the King outlawing it years before. Kalin just wants to start a new life, and leave his past behind.

But then Kalin is approached by a group who tell him he has a rare kind of power – and the ability to stop a dark warlock threatening the Royal family. Kalin doesn’t think he can help them, but the visions of a woman foretelling his destiny force him to admit there’s something different about him.

The truth behind this ability shocks him. And may lead to his death.

Thanks, Mona

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