New Release: The Dark Places

thedarkplaces1Happy Release Day to D. Martin! I was so happy to get to work with her on this project. She has such a creative mind!

Kailiri Summers narrowly escaped an arranged marriage by fleeing to another planet. She has artistic ambitions, but life isn’t cooperating. Bartending seemed like a good option to stay afloat. She thought her future bleak until Matt Lorins walked into her bar.

One dinner with the charming and wealthy space trader binds her into a passionate marriage bargain. But he’s a man surrounded by mysteries that she can’t unravel. It’s while she’s traveling alone with him on his star ship, isolated far beyond all help, that he reveals a terrifying secret. She must choose between battling the darkness—or losing Matt forever.


Matt secured additional manual locks on the door and studied me with a slow smile. “We have only a few hours here, doll, before we have to get you to your place to pack up before we leave Harnaru.”

I started to say something—probably something witless or combative—but Matt pulled me into his arms. His lips sought mine while his hand roved with possessive assurance over my body. I couldn’t form a single lucid thought. Frost crept along my skin, and the shivering returned. Matt pressed me closer to his body, and I grew very conscious of his arousal. I no longer thought about escape. If this was a dream, I willed it to continue.

His caresses stroked along my lower back, continuing to soothe away my inhibitions. My shivering subsided, but the deep chill didn’t go away. Despite that, my arms encircled Matt’s hard waist, and I burrowed my body into his solid frame, determined to pursue my attraction to this puzzling but compelling man.

Why did he marry me?

The thought haunted me as my mouth opened beneath his insistent pressure. Our tongues touched in silken sensuousness that pulled at my core and left me breathless. His tongue slipped across mine and overrode my doubts about the immediate future. I wanted him to claim more of me. Our heated kisses created melting dampness between my legs. But the nagging chill chasing through me and along my skin persisted, though his arms crushed me close to his warmth.

Matt scooped me up in his arms and carried me to the wide, waiting bed, with its dark maroon satin coverlet. I submitted to the sublime experience of an attractive man undressing me. He patiently peeled away my boots, sockettes, and coveralls with minimum assistance from me, leaving me clad only in a dark blue silken camisole and very scanty matching briefs.

I’d absolutely no idea that I would be getting married that night when my frantic hands snatched this particular set of silky undergarments—fortuitously situated atop the clean linen pile—in my mad scramble to dress for work. At least these were sexier than my normal staid white cottons. Finally—you got something right, Kailiri!

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D. Martin has reading interests that have roamed far and wide in her quest for knowledge, balance, and rollicking good fiction.

She likes science and finding out how Life and the Universe work. When she writes, she most often chooses to compose stories in a scifi/fantasy vein—combined with generous dashes of adventure and romance.

She has worked in a science career for longer than she cares to divulge. She has been privileged to work on some pretty amazing projects to benefit mankind. She believes that there is an art to Science, and a science to Art.

She lives in the U.S.A. with a husband, whose very understanding when she’s off the planet writing.

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