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Blood of Luna 200x300Blurb for Blood of Luna by Maya DeLeina

When is it real? When is it fantasy?

For Luna Kalen, the line between reality and a dream is hard to recognize.

Recovering from a car accident, the solitude at the coast is meant to be therapeutic. But Luna soon finds it more than her idle mind can handle.

After exploring a dangerous stretch of shoreline, Luna returns home with a mysterious man she discovers in a cave. Little does Luna know that this man is about to fill her world with sinful pleasures…and blood-thirsty vampires.

When reality and fantasy collide, unimaginable dangers lurk, revelations are revealed, and darkest desires are fulfilled.

But if you think the happily ever after is the sign of the ending, it’s really only the beginning.

Should Luna have listened to the warning? Do not go into the cave.

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Excerpt for Blood of Luna:

From the steady movement of people on the sidewalk to a waitress hastily twisting a long metal apparatus to roll the menu from breakfast to lunch, the popular downtown restaurant was buzzing withenergy.

Yet, in the corner of the open-air restaurant, Renny Morgan sat quietly at the bistro table, as if time stood still.

With one leg crossed over the other, he savored the flavor of his cappuccino passing through his lips in a delicate, long sip. He idly picked at the lemon scone that sat on his plate. The only thing that held his unequivocal attention was the woman who sat in complete stillness and silence across from him.

Suddenly he became anxious and alert as she showed signs of life.

With her eyes buried in the pages, she shook her head. A slight gasp, then a pleasing sigh escaped her, breaking the silence at the table.

“I take it that you like it?” Renny asked with an alluring flair.

Her eyes lifted from the pages to meet his. “In all this time, you couldn’t tell me that I was in the book?”

Renny cocked his head to the side and flashed his sexy trademark smirk. “I wanted it to be a surprise.”

“Well, I’m definitely beyond surprised. But why me?”

“You once said to me that you wished your life could be a

fantasy, where the sexy hero would come to the rescue. I just wanted to give you that escape, even if only in the pages of a book.”

“I—I don’t know what to say.”

“Say what you’re feeling, right now.”

“I’m feeling … not worthy of this attention.”

“Not worthy? C’mon. You’re the kind of woman who gets attention before you even get out of bed in the morning.”

She smiled and tucked a portion of her long, black her behind her ears. “You certainly know how to charm the pants off of a woman, Mr. Morgan.”

“Please, Mr. Morgan is my father.”

“You’re my employer. It’s habit.”

“No. I was your employer. Now that your work on the book cover is done, I’m just Renny to you. And seeing that you’re no longer my employee, I was somewhat hoping to charm more than just the pants off of you.”

Teaser Blurb for Dark Companion by Maya DeLeina:

“I’ve always wondered about the afterlife. Now I know.”

Isla Joseph

Dark Companion

The Vampire Architects Series

Trailer for Blood of Luna:


Trailer for Dark Companion:


Author Bio:

Maya DeLeina was born and raised on the beautiful and romantic beaches of Oahu, Hawaii. Relocating to Colorado, Maya’s crystal blue oceans and powdery white sands were traded for enchanting forests, mystic mountains and golden plains of promise.

Living just on the outskirts of Manitou Springs, the town’s history of spiritual healing, eclectic flare, fabled underground tunnels and rumored lore of wizardry and witchcraft rekindled Maya’s love for the paranormal, metaphysical and most of all, vampires.

One bite and she was hooked.

With a hint of incense lofting in the air and the majestic Pikes Peak sitting in picture perfect view from her windows, Maya can be found relaxing in the recesses of her comfy couch, sinking her teeth into crafting and weaving seducing and erotic tales of vampires that may or may not roam her beloved town.

One read and you’ll be hooked!

Where to Find Maya Online:

Maya’s  Website

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Maya’s Week in Review newspaper

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