Review: Torch

Torch by Cambria Hebert
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The problem with passing out is that upon awakening, you had to face the pain of whatever caused you to pass out in the first place all over again.

Katie Parks likes her quiet life. She’s alone–has been since she was fifteen–with her books most of the time. Until she awakens tied to a chair with flames around her and is saved by a daring fireman, Holt.

While the end reason for why Katie is being stalked is a bit thin, there’s no denying the chemistry between her and Holt. The heat between them flares quickly to instalove, and Katie gives herself to Holt before the bad guy is found. Holt is the most sensitive guy alive, always knowing exactly what to say–and it’s always the most sweetest thing of dreams.

Torch is a sexy, fluffy, sweet start to the Take It Off series. There’s so much heat, it’s a miracle the characters don’t go up in flames.

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