Review: Tease

Tease by Cambria Hebert
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A person can only make a mockery out of someone if they allow it.

Harlow is broke. Her snow cone vending job isn’t going to pay the bills since her roommate moved out and her student funding got cut. So she walks into the Mad Hatter and becomes a stripper.

The book begins with a strong, sexy (if shy) Harlow, who knows what she wants and is determined to get it. As the novel progresses, she becomes more dependent on Cam, the sexy bartender who is slowly stealing her heart. The plot is a little loose, with someone suddenly stalking Harlow, but the chemistry and humor between her and Cam is endearing. The way Cam knows exactly what to do to drive her crazy, knows where to take her to sweep her off her feet, and shows up exactly when she needs him is both sweet and frustrating.

Tease has a cast of characters who readers will want to know more about, a lot of teasing sex appeal, and some sweet and funny moments.

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