Status Update: Homeward Bound

I am happy to officially announce that I only have three  jobs, all of them in editing! Today was my last day in an office building. I can’t honestly say I’m sad to go.

Dreamspinner Press made me an off I couldn’t refuse, which I happily accepted. I will continue to work for Entranced Publishing and to do freelance for my wonderful Indie authors. I also have an application in for another publishing house, but I don’t know if that will lead anywhere.

So YES, I am still taking new authors. Tell your friends. I’m excited to see a few returning authors this summer and can’t wait to see their new projects! And YES, I will be working from home, but that still does mean *working*. And while I might not have an office with a view, it *is* a corner office! (Okay, so it’s just a corner desk, but still!)

I can only humbly thank those who have helped me get here (you know who you are). Thank you.

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