Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Seven

The Why:

I’ve decided that I wanted to do something nice for the authors that have given me paperback review copies or have let me edit their work. So, in the hopes of getting them some more exposure and reviews, I’ve come up with a “Twelve Days of Christmas” giveaway. Every day until Christmas, I’ll be giving one paperback that I’ve reviewed &/or worked on. I do ask that you consider reviewing the book that you win, as this can always help the author and future readers!

The Book:

PurgatoryToday’s book is Purgatory by Tomás Eloy Martínez. Emilia has spent the last 30 years of her life looking for her husband, Simón, who had disappeared while on a trip to map obscure Argentinean country. When she finds him, he is exactly the same as the day he vanished, yet she is changed – older, more worn – and she questions if he would still love her, and if she’s in her right mind.

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve moved away from the light, younger-audience books and have delved into material with a little more depth. This isn’t your typical ghost story, nor is it the “paranormal” of recent. Check out my review before entering!

The Giveaway:

Follow the link below to enter to win. Each contest is open for one week and the books will be sent out after the winner is chosen. Some options are available to do each day to increase your chances of winning. Good luck!!

Seventh Day of Christmas Giveaway

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