Review: Consumed by love

Consumed by love
Consumed by love by Pavarti K. Tyler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

However, evil is like water; it seeps into all the cracks until it’s overflowing from within.

Hugo and Bree lead a simple yet happy life, until Hugo’s father died. Since then, Hugo can’t stay focused and began wasting away, not hungry for anything his wife cooked anymore. Bree is desperate to save her love, willing to do whatever it takes to restore him to himself. But love isn’t enough to satisfy what he’s become.

This story is mixed with Indian lore, citing the “old ways” as how his father and family lived, those ways that he broke away. The lore brings an air of realism to the tale, lending strength to the characters who are already alive on their own. In this character-driven piece, the simple language and narrative interludes flesh out the short tale into something gripping.

Love is complicated. Some people will do anything to maintain it. Consumed by Love takes that sacrifice to a new level, mixing the “erotic connection between food and lust” in this well-crafted piece.

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