Review: Demon Gates

Demon Gates
Demon Gates by Robert Day
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I bid thee farewell, and advise thee that the paths of the future are never what they seem.

Valdieron, son of a local horse breeder, has his world swept out from under him when trolls attack his village. Setting out on his own, he meets up with some companions and travels and sets off to fulfill his destiny.

The characterization and attention to details was very well done. Even the horse’s personality was depicted in a way that the reader could “see.” The backstory of the demons and Masters showed the level of details of the world that the author created.

While the characters were interesting and the overall plot engaging, somewhere about halfway through the story Val (and even the head demon) seemed to get sidetracked. And while this is probably due to this being the first of a series, it took away some of the urgency that the beginning had built up.

A good beginning to a dark fantasy series, Demon Gate holds the promise of an epic adventure just waiting to happen.

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