Epitaph III

Eight months is far to short a time to spend with you
After waiting eight years to find you.
You wagged your way into our home,
All big ears and smiles, you were perfect for us
And filled a void that we didn’t know was there.

Always ready to run and play,
You put up with everything our daughter did to you
With a patient look and gentle kisses.
Even though we said you were hers,
You were really ours.

Even when the seizures ranked your little body,
You shook them off
Not understanding what was going on.
We called your name and stayed with you,
Bringing you back to us.

You waited until I came home,
Fighting off the spasms long enough to say hi.
We kept watch,
But you needed something we couldn’t give.
We loved you too much to have you suffer.

Though it doesn’t make it easier for us,
Who are left with the hole you filled,
You can now rest easy, little Buddy,
Chasing the tennis ball in the sky
And forever smiling.

Sleep well, without fear of the tremors in the night, Kringle. We love you.


June 26, 2011 – September 3, 2012

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