New Release: A Meaningless Sequence of Arbitrary Symbols

Today’s new release is a book called “Am So As: A Meaningless Sequence of Arbitrary Symbols” by Oscar Velikovsky. If you’re a gamer, you might want to check this one out (I know I will be). It is what’s called a Transmedia Novel (a story told across three medias). The author is an award-winning Game Designer and Writer of million-seller games. Be sure to check out the website and game that go along with the book!


A teenager is mentored in The Art of Game Design – by God Himself… (of, a time-travelling version of his older self, it is never quite clear, even to him)

But – can he solve the mystery of the Meaningless Sequence of Arbitrary Symbols?

A Satirical Magic-Realist Bangsian Fantasy Coming-of-Age Novel about Videogames, and – Everything Else, as Well…

More Info:

OSCAR, a mis-under-estimated, uber-dis-enfranchised 18-year-old, video-game-addicted American youth, meets – and is Mentored in Game Design, by – his hero, GODFREY (82) – a world-famous Game Designer…

But Oscar soon discovers that his `hero’ is: a cult leader; Reality-TV Producer; and – as the inventor of a Time Machine, believes that He is God.

Oscar realizes – to his shock and awe – that maybe Godfrey – actually is God…(?) And – hidden in amongst all this, is a secret code. Sort of nothing like, The Da Vinci Code… Begging the question:
…Will Oscar decode the `Meaningless Sequence of Arbitrary Symbols’ in time..?


Book Website

Praise for AM SO AS:

“Too easy to read – The story has its ups and downs, because the writing is so screamingly original… And – anyone who loves a good old-fashioned traditional story is going to drop this book like a mystery fan dropping Joyce’s Ulysses. But – the insights pop continuously. The bit about black holes gave me new ideas. I kept thinking, “This is going nowhere” but I kept reading and laughing. This work is not linear. This is Blog as Art.”
—Some random guy on (Penguin)

About the Author:

Transmedia Writer Joe T Velikovsky is often writing a feature film script, a game, a novel, and a graphic novel all at once. Among his achievements are the feature film Caught Inside (, satirical transmedia novel A Meaningless Sequence of Arbitrary Symbols. (, The Feature Screenwriters Workbook (available free online:, and the comic strip Dr N Sayne (illustrated by Deane Taylor). He works as a Transmedia Consultant – and, as a Script Assessor for the Writers’ Guild. He also writes a weblog at

3 thoughts on “New Release: A Meaningless Sequence of Arbitrary Symbols

  1. This looks very interesting! Looks like a book I may want to read. 🙂 Thanks for the post. We have a couple book reviews on our blog as well if you’d like to check out our page! ~Stylelyte

  2. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for following my blog! It is greatly appreciated! I hope that I continue to write about things that interest you. 🙂

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