Review: Shield

Shield by J.C. Andrijeski
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The world is insane in a way. All of us are insane.

Coming to terms with being the Bridge isn’t easy, especially when your husband won’t tell you all the rules – and keeps getting separated from you. As Allie tries to come to terms with both her new role as the Bridge and her feelings for Revik, she also must stop a war – if she can. Amidst all of this tension, the boy appears, claiming Allie belongs to him.

Continuing where Rook left off, the tension between Allie and Revik is hyped up in this book, a factor of how the Seer marriage works. And just as they get together to figure their feelings out, they are ripped apart once again. Allie does manage to learn more about being a Seer and a Bridge – both the “easy” way and the “hard” way. Along the way, Allie discovers the boy, and her world is shaken with her understanding of who he is.

Fast-paced, action-filled, and full of emotional rides, Shield is a worthy sequel to the Allie’s War series. Once again Andrijeski pulls you into the Seer’s world, twists your emotions on edge, and holds you there until the very end, leaving you with a shock strong enough to have you picking up the next book.

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