New Release: Knight (Allie’s War #5)

Yeah! It’s here! Release day for the next book in JC Andrijeski’s Allie’s War series! Here’s the scoop:


“I thought the two of you were scary individually. Together, you’re worse. You know that…right? A lot worse, man…”

With several groups of hostile seers hot on their trail, Allie and Revik set up camp in New York, dragging the remnants of their seer alliance with them. Not long after they arrive, Allie coaxes Revik into helping her rob a bank to acquire a mysterious list of names…even as a human-killing virus strikes in San Francisco, and a lot of the people Allie cares about start to disappear. Fielding off attacks by the Lao Hu and the mysterious Shadow out of Argentina, Allie and Revik have to make impossible choices as they learn how to work together again. Before they can decide what to do, tragedy strikes their group, and they are forced to admit they might be outmatched.

Meanwhile, Allie’s brother, Jon, seems to be going through some pretty strange changes of his own, including being stuck in an odd partnering with Wreg, the ex-captain of the rebels, as he tries to find the humans on the list who are believed to be important in the coming Displacement. When Allie finds out she’s being stalked by the lead infiltrator of the Lao Hu, she has to decide whether to risk everything to save the people she loves in San Francisco, or go to war with  the enigmatic Shadow, who seems to want to bring the end of the world on his own terms, and doesn’t care how many humans he has to kill to do it…


Drivethru Fiction:

If you haven’t started this series yet, check out my review of Rook (Book 1). I’ll have the other books read and reviewed soon so I can find out what happens to Allie and Revik in this book!


Guest Post: JC Andrijeski

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