Review: One Bite To Passion

One Bite To Passion
One Bite To Passion by MaryLynn Bast
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

You’re a beautiful women Paige, remember that and don’t let anyone make you feel any different.

Paige is on a business trip to Japan when she meets Casey, a young man taken with her at the first glance. Though married, Casey makes her feel in ways her husband never has, and she ends up having a wild night of passion with him. But when her husband, Dalton, shows up and proves that her recent dreams are, in fact, true, Paige will have to decide which man is worth standing up for and giving herself to forever.

In this sexually charged story, Paige is an older, self-conscious women stuck in her marriage for the sake of her children. The range of emotion Paige displays – doubt, for Casey is younger than her; passion; fear; betrayal – is very realistic, lending credence to her depth of character. Though the introduction of the vampires seemed a little forced, the paranormal aspect of this book was a slight twist different than other vampire books, which made it interesting to read about.

Not for the easily embarrassed but for those who love a good explicit story, One Bite To Passion fills the pages with lust and charged tension and finds an unique way for everyone to be ‘happily ever after.’

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