New Release: The Necro Device



To be released on April 21st on & Createspace


“A page-turner of darkest depths, betrayal, fear, and layers of hidden agendas all play parts in this intense, pulse-pounding thriller.”

The story of The Necro Device begins several decades in the past with the Mandiev brothers. They were extreme circus performers and traveled the world with an amazing, yet daring, show. Their stepfather – Vince Stevens trained them in the arts and taught them everything they knew, but it was for another reason, one that will later haunt and control the community for years to come. Vince built a device that required elemental energy, human energy, to power it. It required four types total, and like a combination, depending on the four elements used, it produced a specific result.

In the case of the Mandiev brothers, each of them was trained in a specific element: Marcus was trained in the arts of physical endurance and regeneration – Body. Phillip was trained to master telepathic and mental abilities – Mind. Christopher was trained to withstand extremely cold temperatures – Ice. Ryan was the master of hell itself – Fire. The combination of elemental energy determined the machines output. If every requirement was met and it was designed correctly, it could then be powered up and operated one time before it would ultimately destroy itself.

The device was never meant to be built.

After constructing the machine, Vince later meets an untimely death, and somebody begins charging it. The Mandiev brothers are killed, and the machine is primed. 30 years later, Mary and John Hilt are hired to restore the Mandiev estate and begin to unravel decades of betrayal and a diabolical plot. Something has gone wrong with the machine, and it has been operating for years. What is it? What does it do? Who’s operating it? These questions and more will be answered as Mary discovers her fate and the secret behind The Necro Device. It has a purpose…

Extended Description: The Necro Device at its core is about a machine, control, and betrayal. The author M. T. Dismuke enjoys writing about technology and wrapping it up inside a darker world where it then becomes malefic and deadly. He then creates plots filled with twists and subplots which is exactly what The Necro Device is from the very moment the novel is cracked open to the very end. The story itself is an intricate web of betrayal and secrets cast over an entire community in order to maintain control over the machine… Discover its purpose.

Michael T. Dismuke is an American Thriller Author born in Vicenza, Italy. He’s lived in Colorado for over 35 years and has studied Electronics, Software and Industrial Engineering. He began writing at a very young age which included interactive stories, computer games, campfire tales, and short stories. After receiving his college degree, he focused more on writing.
In 2003 he wrote his first novel The Necro Device which later would become his first published novel in 2011. He is one of few authors that write in the present tense and does it extremely well. He offers his readers an action first environment that’s not only thrilling and exciting, but is also intricately layered with subplots and complex story mechanics. He uses his knowledge in technology to drive his stories and push them to their limits.

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