Guest Post: Logan Kavanagh (Between)

Today I have Logan from Cambria Hebert’s new novella, “Between” to tell us a little about himself. But first, if you haven’t read this series, where have you been! Go check out my reviews for these great books! You have some reading to do to catch up, and her next novel, “Charade,” is  out soon as well! You can find my reviews here:

Before (Heven and Hell #0.5)

Masquerade (Heven and Hell #1)

Between (Heven and Hell #1.5)

Before we get to meet Logan, check out the blurb, and don’t forget to let me know what you think of him afterwards!

Blurb for Between

I grew up in a comfortable house with two parents and a white-picket fence. My brother, Sam, and I used to play with sticks in the backyard and pretend they were swords. There were always cookies on the table and milk in the fridge. Then, one day, things changed.

Sam changed.

Life was never the same again. Sam left. My parents abandoned him when he needed them most, and I was left to survive in a house that was merely a shell of what it used to be. Mom cried all the time and Dad expected me to fill the void my brother left behind. But mostly, all we did was pretend. We pretended that things weren’t messed up. We pretended that Sam never existed.

Until I changed, too.

Now, everything’s a mess and I’m so confused. It’s like there are two different people trapped inside one body—my body—and one of them wants out. I do things. Bad things and I don’t know how to stop. I’m not sure I want to. The only way I can be normal again is if I find Sam. He’ll know what to do.

He has too.

Between is my (Cambria Hebert) latest Heven and Hell novella in the Heven and Hell Series. Between focuses on Logan, a character introduced at the end of the first book in the series, Masquerade. Logan is Sam’s little brother and he find Sam because he is going through some things that only Sam can help him through.

Between is a look into what world Sam left behind before he met Heven. It’s a look at his parents, his home and his brother… his brother who is beginning to change.

I asked Logan if he would come here today for a brief interview and he seemed very shy. So I decided instead to give him a sheet to fill out. He seemed to like that much better.

So allow me to introduce to you Logan Kavanagh the star of Between.

Get to know Logan!

How old are you: 14 and a half

What grade are you in: I was a freshman in high school. Before I left home.

What is your favorite color: Green

Hobby: Playing video games

Describe yourself in three words: confused, scared,

Describe Sam in three words: Strong, fun, brother

If you could be any animal what would you be: I would rather just be myself. A human. Completely human.

Do you like Bubble Tea as much as Sam: I’ve never tried Bubble Tea.

Do you like to read? Comic books

What do you miss most about living at home: knowing who I am and my mom’s cooking.

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate

Cookies or Cake: Cookies

Boxers or Briefs? Ew! I’m not answering that!

Is there anyone special in your life? A girl? Umm, no.

Tell us something no one else knows: secrets are secrets for a reason…

And that is Logan everyone! As part of the get to know Logan post I brought along an excerpt from Between. It’s the first two paragraphs of the novella!


I kicked at the pavement as I walked, in no hurry to get home. I was glad that school was out for the day, but unlike most kids my age, I wasn’t that thrilled to go home. At least it’s Friday, I told myself, which meant no homework. That was something to be thrilled about. I hated homework. I hated studying, but if I didn’t bring home a glowing average every grading period, Dad would have a cow. Mom would try to step in and then Dad would yell at her, too, and no doubt the argument would escalate and it would end the way it always ended.

With Sam.

He didn’t even live with us anymore, yet every single thing I did that Dad didn’t approve of somehow always came back to him. Dad never said his name. It was like the minute he left with Sam and came back without him, we were all expected to pretend he never existed. Like all the times we played football in the backyard were something I made up. I was supposed to forget the time I took Dad’s watch off his dresser to pretend I was 007 and accidently broke it. Sam took the blame, the lecture and the punishment for me.

The sound of running feet came up behind me and, inwardly, I winced.

You can get the full novella on its release date: April 20, 2012 from Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and Smashwords!

Thanks to Tricia for hosting me and Logan today!

Thank YOU for stopping by, Cambria! And thanks for bringing Mr. Shy, Logan, along as well!

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