Review: Wraith’s Forest

Wraith's Forest
Wraith’s Forest by L J Leger
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“I’ve been waiting for you.”

Every twenty-five years, the Tree of Providence blooms, and a girl is chosen to go into the Wraith’s forest to pick the harvest. Jenna knows that as long as she stays on the path she is safe from the Wraith. But after she finds a bruised fruit and sees the Wraith following her, she is shaken and stumbles – into the forest.

To atone for the bruised fruit – needed to brew a magic draught to keep the valley protected – Jenna is sent to find the Wraith and retrieve the magic blade. But meeting the Wraith changes Jenna, and she finds out the truth behind the harvest.

Though short, Wraith’s Forest quickly captures the reader’s interest in Jenna and her world, as well as her fear of and curiosity towards the Wraith. Her character develops, showing courage and fortitude that others who walked the forest lacked, while the Wraith’s character is slowly learned about throughout the story as Jenna learns about him.

Reminiscent of “Beauty and the Beast,” Wraith’s Forest is a fast read that puts a new spin on a classic love tale.

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