Review: Draykon

Draykon by Charlotte E. English
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

‘People should know, at least. They can make those choices for themselves.’

Llandry stumbles upon a cave with a curious stone in it. A glittering dark indigo gem, the “istore” is her favorite to work with. When she gets talked into taking her jewelery to the Darklands market, her pieces are a huge hit and become the talk of the Seven Realms. Among her admirers, Lady Eva, the High Summoner herself, is also drawn to the gem.

But when Eva’s ring is stolen and her best friend is murdered for her own jewelry, both Eva and Llandry are pulled into a mystery that sets them racing to figure out what the istore before more deaths occur.

Once acquainted with the terminology of the world, the story flows smoothly, alternating between the viewpoints of the two main characters. The difference in the “high society” and “working class” are interwoven, yet they work together well. The characters grow, transforming into stronger people, and develop relationships and traits that add further depth to them.

Beautifully written, Draykon brings the reader into the Seven Realms to travel along with Eva and Llandry, learning with them as they try to save their land. A strong read for any fantasy/mystery lover, and a great intro to the series.

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