Review: The Endless Waltz

The Endless Waltz
The Endless Waltz by Jacob Marc Schafer
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

He watched as she danced the endless waltz he had pictured in his head so many times before. He watched and was happy.

Brett de la Cosa is on his return home to his fiancee when it happens: Davy Jones sets his Eye on him, intent to ruin the happiness Brett has. Brett is the sole survivor of the storm that sinks his ship and finds himself in Davy’s Locker. With the help of some undead friends, Brett defies Davy and returns to the world of the living, never again to set foot at sea.

While the story was quite interesting, there were parts that were just so unbelievable – even within the story’s own logic – that force the reader out of the story to shake their head. From having to check undead for signs of life to a leviathan that fits on a ship deck, it’s the small details that detract from the incredible things Brett does to overcome Davy’s obsession with keeping him from happiness.

A tale of overcoming odds and staying strong to who you are, The Endless Waltz dances its way away from Davy and back to happily ever after.

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