Review: Katie’s Hope

Katie's Hope
Katie’s Hope by Lizzy Ford
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Her choices were plain: Death or Hell. Bad or worse. Screwed or screwed.

After three weeks of playing lab rat for Kris, Katie realizes he’s never going to let her go. Worse, she has no idea what to do about Rhyn, who is trying very hard to give her what she asks for – space, time – yet sets her blood on fire whenever he’s near.

When Rhyn finds there are demons in the forest and a war on the horizon, he does what all his brothers seem to think he should do – he lets Katie go. The emotions run high as he finds out that, instead of giving her the protection she needs, he has just left her helpless – or as helpless as Katie can be.

The family dynamic really comes out in this book, with the brother against brother being undermined and twisted. Rhyn comes out looking like an angel when he saves Kris, though his methods are more brutal than Kris would like. Katie shows the depth of her love for Rhyn, even if she can’t admit it to herself, by her sacrifice.

Katie’s Hope keeps you on edge, waiting for the next plot twist until the very end, where it makes you beg for more.

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