The Kiss of Distraction

His body was molded to hers as he held her wrists, one above her head and one at her side, so she couldn’t draw her knives. His hair was sweaty from their wrestling – her to get her knives, him to prevent it – and it spiraled his hair into bronze clumps that he tried to get out of his eyes by angrily shaking his head. His face was close enough for her to feel his breath puff against her skin. He had her up against a wall, quite literally, and her options for getting out were dwindling, so she did the only thing he wouldn’t see coming.

She kissed him.

She closed the distance between them and captured the only part of him she could at the moment – his lips. Where she expected him to release her hands in surprise, she didn’t expect the heat that filled her at the touch of his lips. Didn’t expect the gentle way he responded. Didn’t expect to forget about trying to kill him and lean into his body.

She had tried to gauge his reaction. She didn’t expect hers at all.

Thoughts vanished as she leaned into his body, still tense but softening against her newest attack. She had thought his body would be solid from his time training, and wasn’t disappointed. His muscles rippled against her, his breathing still as unsteady as hers. She tugged at her arms, this time instead of pulling away from him, she inched her hands towards his head, his neck, anywhere to feel more of him. She felt his resistance slip and he encircled her waist with his hands, her hands brushing the stubble on his cheek. Felt him take a hesitant step away from the wall, pulling her with him. Even has her thoughts screamed at her – what are you doing! – she felt the heat within her rise.

The heat she thought she was resistant against. That would never come again, buried deep within. Here, in the arms of the man she was sent against, she found it returning to her unbidden. As he gently raised his hand to cup her face, she felt the gentleness where she was told was only harshness. As his lips captured hers again, parting her lips to slip his tongue inside, she felt the passion where she had prepared for cold calculation. As he halted their kiss and held her to gaze into her eyes, one hand still cupping her face and the other around her waist, which had not even ventured to explore her body, she felt the depth of his blue-grey eyes searching hers. Searching for something.

She was surprised to find herself smiling up at him.

2 thoughts on “The Kiss of Distraction

  1. Definitely captures your attention from the first sentence!… Now to fill in all the background with the same awesome suspense and thrill!

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