I ran.

The stretch and pull of my muscles reminds me that I am alive. My feet make soft thuds on the ground, crunching leaves without snapping twigs. Faster. Further. Run. Driven by the need to find her wherever she may be, my mind replays the last moment I saw her…

running, slashing, running, falling

…running from the field filled with green and grey and red. So much red.

Red covers my toes as they fly over the ground. Jump, my mind screams. Up and over a fallen body, crumpled in the red and green, lying still, so still, not getting up…

I turn my mind off, tune out the what if and the maybe and speed towards her body, now entering the trees, sword still in her hand, which relieves me.

A crack and I fall, my legs stumbling, falling, trying to keep myself upright. Red splatters me now, my back leg refusing to stretch and pull, stretch and pull, so I curl it up close to my body.

I reel on.

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