Review: Waiting On Hope

Waiting On Hope
Waiting On Hope by T.M. Souders
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lexie left her home in rural Ohio to come to Pittsburgh to find a better life. Afraid that her life was playing itself out before her eyes, she needed to get away and find herself. Now, ten years later, events unfold that send her running back to that small Ohio farm she once called home.

Forced to rekindle relationships she had once left behind, Lexie is met with a combination of joy, trepidation and anger. The broken shell that was Lexie must find a way to cope with her rape, her pregnancy and feelings for her former fiance, Elliot, whom she had left all those years ago yet never stopped loving.

The story is told using four different yet strong perspectives. The reader is brought along as Lexie struggles to regain control over her life while keeping her rape a secret from some characters for much of the story. As Elliot comes back into her life, she thrives a little more each day, though still struggles with her feelings. They both realize that they never stopped loving each other, and Lexie makes peace with her old self and her new self, creating a happy Lexie content on being with Elliot and raising their daughter, Hope.

A touching, heart-wrenching story about love lost, emotional torture and recovery, Waiting On Hope overcomes adversity and shows the true resilience of the human spirit.

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