Review: A Little Push

A Little Push
A Little Push by Jennifer Steen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Nothing is going right for Jess today. The mother of three is simply trying to get her oldest to school when her van doesn’t start. Upon calling her husband to come take him to school, Jess learns that he’s been let go from his job 2 days short of getting benefits and severance pay. To top if off, because of this news Jess is now unable to make her trip back home to see her dying father.

Just when everything seems impossible, the silver lining shines out in one of the smallest characters in the book – Micah, her oldest son. He reminds her that her family is there to support her through all these bumps in the road and that they would be ok.

Short and sweet, A Little Push reminds the reader of what is important – family. These ‘tiny, little blessings’ that are with us every day, even when we don’t slow down enough to see them. Steen’s characters are easy to relate to and full of life and feeling, rolled into a tight story that, while short, is captivating.

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