Christmas Story (intro)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

The snowflake lazily floating down, the clouds grey and swollen. Storefronts hasten to decorate, putting up mini pine trees with tiny colored lights.  The tinsel hanging from every available surface and then some.

The lights, the glitter, the music wafting out of everywhere, homes and businesses alike.  The toys, the cries of children as they make their lists and check them twice.  People calling hellos as they shovel their walks, thick jackets and thoughts of fresh coffee to keep them warm.

The lights, inside and out, spiraling up towards the tip-top of the tallest and smallest trees, blinking secret codes or steadily glowing in the night.  Candles and fireplaces blaze, lighting the way home and sheltering from the cold.  Headlights bursting from the darkness, guiding the way like an albino Rudolph.  The warmth and cheer of people around a table, laughing, smiling.

It’s the happiest season of all.

So why is it I’m so sad?

4 thoughts on “Christmas Story (intro)

  1. You’re 58 years old mostly bald the rest gray, fat , mentally ill ,a convicted felon without a girl friend and only looking at invites from people who feel you shouldn’t spend the season alone. Oh and you don’t even have enough money for a tart.

    Other than that ’tis the season to be merry. Ho, ho, ho….

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