Status Update – Brilliant!

I had a brilliant idea!

So, since I want to add reviews to my site, I put an ad up on Goodreads that I would review books for authors.  I got a great response!  So I am knee-deep in books to review, along with books to read for fun.  Oh, and updating my blog.  And that pesty thing called work.

Oh boy!

Naturally, I also had another brilliant idea!

One of the writing/reading groups I follow is doing a charity anthology for Christmas.  It’s going benefit the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and be made up entirely of authors within this group.  Since it’s a good cause, and I’m new to the group, of course I felt the need to help out.  So I kind of offered to write a story.

In a month.

That’s right!  The stories are all due Oct. 15th.  So, with this in mind, please bear with me through the next few weeks, as I will probably post ideas for said story.  Thankfully, I do have an idea and it doesn’t have to be terribly long.  Since it’s a Christmas story anthology, I’m going to keep it light and go with a short romance novel.  Probably with some cheesy name.

Wish me luck!

P.S. If anyone is interested in this group, please feel free to check out the Creative Reviews page.

1 thought on “Status Update – Brilliant!

  1. Oh and this business you got yourself into raising a child and then there is that husband fellow…..

    Well at least no stories involving an embrace and a pointy object.

    For a while.

    Rotsa ruck

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