Wondering what it’s like to work with me? Here’s what a few authors said about it:

When I was a new author starting out, I was lucky enough to get to work with Tricia Kristufek. My initial fears were allayed by Tricia’s gentle instruction, her willingness to work with me and calm my nerves, and her ability to make me smile, even when I was facing those first daunting edits.

Fast forward several years and the edits are no less daunting (okay, they are, but, c’mon, they’re edits!) but Tricia continues to explain in clear and concise terms why something needs to be fixed and has no problem discussing the edits if I don’t understand or don’t agree with something.
She’s a wonderful person to work with, and I look forward to our collaboration for many years to come.

Parker Williams / Author of Lincoln’s Park

There’s a lot I could say about Tricia Kristufek on both a professional and personal level that I think everyone in the writing community ought to know. I could spend paragraphs explaining how she began our relationship by directing me to the right places to submit—or how she convinced me not to throw up my hands and just surrender in the face of thirty years of frustration. It would not be over the top to suggest she bailed out a writing career that is still a work in progress, but was nearly dead at the time she took an interest.

None of that would help you, though, fellow novelist. And let me just say this: right now, at this moment, I am luckier than you. Tricia Kristufek edited my latest book trilogy. Here’s what makes me so lucky, and Tricia so awesome:

First of all, she misses nothing. She has a trained eye for things a writer might miss in the bliss of creative heat. She makes language tight and direct without excising the artistry a writer invests in a project. She hunts down passive voice like a panther. Her paragraphing and sentence cobbling sense lends a consistent pace to the books she improves. She’s unafraid to make your work better.

Secondly, she researches your material even where you never thought to. She asks questions that need answering, makes you consider things that would pop into a random reader’s mind but might never enter yours. She has an unfailing anticipation of matter that might stop a reader from suspending disbelief. In other words, she saves writers from themselves.

Thirdly, it’s never a hatchet job—except where it needs to be. Throughout the entire process, I never doubted that Tricia cared about my books: the characters, the world they occupied, the problems they faced. It was always abundantly clear to me that she wanted the story to work, not just because it was her job, but because it was mine, too.

It was a ton of work, believe me. But I can tell you this: it is possible to enjoy the editing of your own material—if you have the right partner. And that, fellow novelist, is why, at this moment, I am luckier than you.

Get in touch with Tricia if you’d like to change that.

Marcus Damanda / Author of The Devil in Miss Drake’s Class trilogy

One of the battles self published and independently published authors face is the stigma that all such books are poorly edited. The way we combat that stereotype is by making sure that our work is polished, and editors are crucial to that end.

I wanted someone not only to line edit what I had written, but to help me improve the over all story. I found what I was looking for in Tricia Kristufek. Even people who read the first book before she put her editing touches on it have commented on just how much more polished my writing has become. As an author, you cannot ask for more than that.

Trish worked diligently to get both books cleaned up and ready for print. The suggestions she made were so accurate and astute that I ended up accepting more than 90% of them. It has been fantastic to work with her. Her input has been invaluable and her tireless diligence has made all the difference in putting the finishing touches to my books.

Do you want an editor that believes in your work? Do you want someone who will give their honest opinion and work with you to improve your book? Do you want someone to catch your typos and poor grammar, improve your story arc, and format your book for either electronic or print publication? Do you want people to compliment not only the writing but the presentation of your book? If so, call Trish. You will not be disappointed.

C.S. Splitter / Author of The Reluctant and The Willing

I am a fussy, pernickety writer, who worries endlessly about the possibility of typos or grammatical errors in my finished product. As a self-published writer I believe this to be paramount. Everything needs to be as perfect as it can get.

I contacted Tricia to request her services as a copy editor after reading testimonials from authors I admire. Right from the start, I found her attitude to be highly professional. Tricia Kristufek is a dedicated editor. She is fast, but very thorough, and extremely reliable. I am an Australian writer, and therefore use English spelling, something I had concerns about in terms of using an American editor. I need not have worried. We worked on the manuscript over a space of time, sending it back and forth, so that Tricia could re-check changes I had made. The fact that she is a warm and caring person merely added to the experience.

I was so satisfied with Tricia’s services that I quickly booked her for the next three novels in my series!

Georgina Anne Taylor / Author of The Taint series

As a writer, one thing I dread the most is someone saying, “Hey, I loved your story but I found something you might want to correct.” I have actually had this happen. Thankfully, it wasn’t enough to detract from the reader’s experience. Regardless, I have recently given Tricia Kristufek my manuscript and was completely satisfied with the work she has done on it. During the editing process, Tricia was always available to answer questions I had. Hmm, I wonder if she ever sleeps. I now have confidence in my finished product. I am proud to have Tricia as my Editor, and her name on my first published novel, The Mission. She has made it worthy of the reviews I have picked up for the book, and her name will definitely be on my next novel, Shield of Health.

How long have you spent writing your book? Don’t you owe it to yourself and your readers to have it professionally edited? Send your manuscript to Tricia Kristufek!

Bill Talcott / Author of The Mission

I hired Tricia Kristufek to edit my latest book and found she did a wonderful job. She had been a beta reader for me a few times, providing very valuable insight into how to improve my books, so I chose her to be my editor. Trish was able to show me plot holes I hadn’t seen, areas where my character development didn’t quite work, and places where I wasn’t explaining things very clearly. She then did a very thorough edit for grammatical errors and problems I had with punctuation and typos. She worked very hard, was quite prompt, and always responded to my emails. She charges very fair prices compared to other editors out there, and I found her to be more professional and thorough than other people I have worked with on my books. I would definitely work with her again. She is extremely insightful and respected my story telling style. I accepted nearly all of her suggestions and would recommend her highly.

Mona Hanna / Author of Tanner and the High Witch series

I’d never worked with Trish before and had only briefly conversed with her on Goodreads, so learning to communicate with a total stranger about my most-intimate and treasured thoughts (i.e, my first book!) was a little intimidating before we started. I was daunted by the unknown, but Trish made communication about as easy as can be without sitting face to face over coffee with me. She was there, available via GChat (the GoogleTalk client which I have installed), like clockwork each and every morning, just to check in and touch base because she was “officially” working on my project. When it was “my turn” on her list, she made sure I knew it. That’s Customer Service! It also meant that if she had a question, she could just ask, I’d answer, and my book suffered zero delay. Likewise, if I had an idea, I could instantly bounce it off her via GChat and she’d reply with honest and thoughtful reactions. I highly recommend Trish for any author who needs help during the developmental edits of their book. She’s just fantastic at seeing the curve of the story arc and helping you to smooth out the bumps or identify where you need to insert another plot point to connect all the dots in a way that makes sense.There was only one area where Trish and I didn’t see eye to eye: Proofreading. This was a point of contention due to the fact that Trish likes to refer to the Chicago Manual of Style and I use King’s English. I’m not sure what details were really stylistic differences or other issues. We were just worlds apart on proofreading from the start so next time, I’ll ask for Trish’s inputs on the content and handle the proofreading through other channels. To paraphrase a reviewer of the book Trish helped to shape: What she does well, she does very well indeed. Thank you, Trish!

Marjorie F. Baldwin / Author of Conditioned Response

“Very fast and excellent service! Recommended editor for all indies out there.”

Barbara G.Tarn & B.G.Hope

On a more serious note –

I want you to know how much your work means to me, and the other authors you’ve helped. Self publishing is a daunting task, and finding an editor who is willing to go above and beyond with unproven writers is a rarity. You’ve made this journey just a little bit easier- and for that, I want to sincerely thank you.

Hannah Kollef / Author of Path of Needles