Review: Sky’s End

Sky's End
Sky’s End by Lesley Young
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Apparently I’m vulnerable to distraction by shiny objects…

Cassiel Winters has a secret. In order to find her missing brother, Daz, she’s enlisted in the Academy. But when her Hand to Hand test goes awry and she’s given a mission in exchange for her staying in ESE, she finds out there is more to her secret than she ever knew possible.

Sky’s End isn’t an easy book to get in to, but once there, the story flows along at a considerable pace. While there are still slow points, the incredible situations Cassiel gets herself into–and out of–maintain the reader’s attention despite strange words that are never quite defined or distracting repetition and over-used made-up words.

Cassiel’s voice is strong, but she is young and she shows it in many ways. She is reluctant to admit her feelings, yet she’s happy to slip anyone some tongue, once she starts. The intended tension didn’t live up to the ping-pong of Cassiel’s emotional roller coaster.

Sky’s End is an interesting start to a new world of sci-fi, where women are stronger than even they knew, aliens are super-sexy warriors, and finding yourself is only the beginning.

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