New Release: Sunset of Lantonne

 Today I’m so excited to share with you Book 3 in the Fall of Eldvar series! Many of you might have heard me rave about Jim’s work before, and now I have an even bigger reason too — he let me edit this one! In case you haven’t read Book 1 (In Wilder Lands) or Book 2 (Into the Desert Wilds), check out my reviews. I also have a few other pieces by Jim, including a character interview and author interview. If you like epic fiction, add these books to your list! Go! Now!
Sunset of Lantonne - v2 cover
During the events of In Wilder Lands and Into the Desert Wilds, many nations were struggling to survive the Turessian invasion. This story takes us back to the beginning, as the Turessian war first approaches the plains. Ilarra’s attempts to live a normal life and grow up to be a famous wizard seemed an almost sure thing, until the war came to Lantonne. What she finds instead of her dreams will change the face of Eldvar for generations. Lantonne is the last and greatest city in the region, having stood against armies for centuries. What force, no matter how great, could get past its walls and challenge the school of magic within?
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About the Author:
By trade, I am a computer system administrator. Generally speaking, all of my time is wrapped up in stupid-long work days, housework, or keeping my dogs from doing anything regrettable. On those rare occasions when I have free time, I write…and when I write, I write a lot.

My first published book, “In Wilder Lands,” was put out in a rather remarkable (to me) situation.

In 2011, I was diagnosed with a collapsed vertebrae that was crushing a nerve line into my arms. Pain. Lots of pain. By April, I was told that I would need to have spinal fusion (at the young age of 35) or risk suffering permanent damage to my nerves.

Prior to the surgery, I had been bouncing around the idea of a fantasy story with some unusual characters. Finding out someone was going to drill into my spine sort of motivated me to start writing. In 30 days of writing, the first draft of In Wilder Lands was born in all its 200,000 word glory.

And yes, I’ve recovered nicely from the surgery

And because it’s so pretty, here’s the full art!

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