New Release: A Whisper in the Jungle

Check out this new release from author Robert Mwangi!



We grew up reading our fathers books. Now its time for us to put down our stories for the next generation.

Deep in the African jungle where even the bravest are afraid to venture, lies a truth that will propel James through his improbable American journey, if he can come out alive.  James a village boy in Africa receives a scholarship to go and study in America and he becomes the envy of the whole village. His girlfriend Janny is however skeptical of what a long distance relationship can do to love. But when Janny vanishes from the village, James and his dog Simba plunge into the belligerent forest at the risk of his life and his American dream.  Love transcends all. ‘A Whisper in the Jungle’  is a suspense story full of love, humor and adventure.

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I was born under the hills of Mt. Kenya in a post colonial Africa. Most of our teachers in Africa didn’t like us reading western novels because they wanted us to learn about our culture. But many a times I stole myself under a tree with an Enid Blyton or Robert Ludlum and my eyes glowed as I journeyed across the oceans.

The new me doesn’t write much but the little boy inside me is the one who does all the writing because he believed in those stories then from the bottom of his heart.

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