Review: A Tiger’s Claim

A Tiger's Claim
A Tiger’s Claim by Lia Davis
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’ve trained to fight, navigate the forest by scent, and outsmart my brothers, but I’m not strong enough to see this through alone.

Shayna Andrews is the adopted daughter of the Pack’s Alpha, and as such, is protected to the point of suffocation. When she asserts her independence, she ends up tangling with the enemy. Lucky for her, lone wolf Travis Hunter comes to her rescue. But when her first heat cycle begins, they are thrown into a chain of events where both gets more than they bargained for.

The book is technically the first in the series, though reading Winter Eve would help the reader understand the character dynamics. The mix of weres (big cats living together with wolves) brings an interesting mix to the table, since they have different customs and strengths. This is a world where the reader must suspend disbelief about actual animal instincts and take the “anything (or any were) goes” approach to mating. Once passed that, it is a well-created story in a world alive with personality.

The sex, though present, is glossed over, lending more time for action/plot. There are a few touching scenes, and the ending tied up well. There could have been more done to make the book more in-depth, but as it is, it’s a short, quick read were-lovers will enjoy.

A Tiger’s Claim is a fast-paced, light read, and a good start to an interesting series.

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