Review: Caught in a Moment

Caught in a Moment
Caught in a Moment by Martin Dukes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“I don’t runner bean believe it. We’re like Robin turnip Hood or something.”

Alex Trueman finds himself with a very unusual ability–he can daydream himself between time. What starts as a harmless wandering, pulling pranks on his classmates, turns into something more when he gets stuck in Intersticia. Alex learns he’s not alone in this daydream and there are rules that must be followed or all of the inhabitants of Intersticia will be at risk.

This delightfully fresh tale follows Alex as he struggles with the position his daydreams have put him in. A wide range of personable characters make up the world of Intersticia with Alex, helping and hindering him in his quest to return to normal time.

The language is very British/European, so American readers may have to use context to get a few of the slangs and references, but that shouldn’t stop readers from reading. And while the ending was appropriate, it was also abrupt, though probably intentionally so.

Challenging our outlook on time itself, Caught in a Moment is sure to entertain young adult and adult readers alike.

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