Review: Winter Eve

Winter Eve
Winter Eve by Lia Davis
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“You’re being lead away by a cat, like Alice and that damn rabbit…”

Danica just wants to be left alone, without the pity and sorrow her folk look at her with. But when she darts in front of Nevan’s car and leads him back to her house, alone is suddenly the last thing she wants to be anymore.

As this is a precursor to the actual Ashwood Falls series, it sets up the characters well, showing the depth of Dani’s scars and how Nev’s strange upbringing can help. Though short, readers can get an idea of what will follow, setting the stage for a unique blend of were/human interactions.

Winter Eve challenges readers to see the “pack” differently, to go beyond the scars (both inside and out), and to be true to your inner animal.

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