New Release: Tanner

Today’s new release is a special one! I had the pleasure of working with author Mona Hanna on this book! It’s called Tanner (Prentor Book 2) and is the sequel to Myriad.  It’s a sweet tale of love, spell casting, friendship, and forgiveness. I’ve done some beta reading for Mona in the past (on the first book in this series, actually), so I was happy to work with her on this one as well! I hear there’s a third book in the works and can’t wait to see what awaits these characters!
If you’re looking for a quick read full of magic, check this one out! Though you should probably just go all in and get Myriad first to get the introduction to the characters!


Kalin is looking forward to his future with Regina, and finding out where his path lies. Then a new danger disrupts the life of him and his friends. Lisandra is a dark witch, experienced in using the worst kinds of magic. After forever damaging the lives of two in the group, she’s returned, and has a plan which could lead to the deaths of many in Prentor. The group is determined to stop Lisandra, not only to save the lives of strangers, but to help get Mark’s brother, Tanner, out of her clutches. But can Mark and Sasha ever forgive Tanner for what he’s done to them?

This is a NOVELLA of approximately 40,000 words.


About the Author:
Mona Hanna is the author of the books “The Nature of God” and “God’s Promises of Love.” She has been a devotional writer since 2008, creating the blog Mona Hanna Devotions, focusing on expressing God’s love, acceptance, and compassion. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of South Australia, with a sub major in professional writing. Mona is now writing fantasy books. “Myriad” is her first novella.

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