New Release: Secrets of a Universe

Ok, for those of you who don’t know, I was lucky enough to be the editor on this one. It was one of those “right place, right time” kind of deals, and I’m really glad.

See, this book is set in my hometown (the name has been changed), is by a guy I swear I knew as a kid (but didn’t know him back then), and is part of a series to keep me busy for a long time. Though there were some road bumps in getting it publish-ready, we finally put it out there for the world. I truly hope it does well.

While the paperback isn’t out yet (will be soon, just waiting on the proof), the ebooks have hit the virtual shelves. I’d love to have some help spreading the word on this one — anyone that loves a good action-adventure, sci-fi should enjoy it — so if you’re willing to help, please contact me.

And now, the book!

Title: Secrets of a Universe: The Mindkey Project

Author: H. Brian Rawson

Buy Links:
Smashwords | Amazon Kindle


Krystal Taylor has been under the military’s thumb since birth. Her power of astral projection requires it — without daily Mindkey treatments, she will die a horrible death. She wants freedom from her leash, the freedom to let her flesh and blood, not just her mind, experience the world.

While on an unauthorized hiking expedition, designed to give her some space from her spying duties and the hundreds of government agents and prying scientists who keep her alive, she is captured by a band of terrorists, threatening much more than her life. Unless Dan Parker, the director of the Mindkey Project, and Dr. George Larkin, its key scientist, can reach her in time, the entire planet may fall into the clutches of the worst terrorist mankind has ever produced.

From the farthest reaches of outer space to the inner depths of the planet Earth, every soul — dead or alive — waits, unknowingly, for Krystal to be found — or turned into a weapon.

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